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some of our guests...

Steve Loeshe

Steve has written hundreds of songs in his music career and loves to gather a bunch of mega-talented musicians and friends to record in the studio for his upcoming releases. It's always an awesome time when these people get together and create.

Ragdoll Sunday

Ragdoll Sunday are a progressive metal band from Zurich who came in to record a 17-song demo, and then a 4-song EP they released in early 2018. And again in 2019 and 2020. 'Welcome to the Industry' was recorded at Chickenhill and then mixed & mastered by Jeffro Lackscheide.

Slaughtering Slaughter

Covers of the original 80's thrash-metal band Slaughter (from the suburban wastelands of Canada), re-constructed with friends and fellow metal enthusiasts. Original drummer Ron Sumners re-recorded the track Tales of The Macabre at Chickenhill.

Grand Crew

Grand Crew have rehearsed for years in the studio and recorded many songs as we grew with gear and experience.

Rocket Horse People

Cover band from Zurich.

Cushy Number

Cover band from Zurich. They violate the studio with their filthy language and crushing sounds. They clean the beer rings off the equipment so all is good.

Triple Bypass

Triple Bypass have been jamming in the studio forever. They are a bunch of super-talented old guys that play everywhere and everything. We don't think they need the practice, but whatever...

Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue are a cover band consisting of expats from all over the world. They usually fill the fridge with beer, and are rarely upset if it disappears by the time they get to jam again.

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